Clare and Muriel Being Reasonable #SampleSunday

We’re getting to the end of THE WOLVES OF PORT NOVO, aka The Book Formerly Known As EEL’S REVERENCE. In this scene — listen carefully, this is complicated — Muriel is wearing Blennie’s hooded cassock, which is full of pockets which are full of concealed weapons, but Clare is telling people she’s Reynold. Never mind who Reynold is; he isn’t in this scene.

ANYWAY, they’ve bulled themselves into the villain’s stronghold in order to effect a rescue, and are talking to Oren, one of the guards.

Clare and Muriel Being Reasonable

by Marian Allen

The false Reynold sat on a silken footstool and went to picking at “his” cassock.

“Is he all right?” asked Oren.

“No, of course he isn’t all right. Don’t stare.”

“Does he need a doctor?”

“We saw one on the way. She did what she could.” Clare leaned toward Aunt Isabella’s warden. “Don’t stare. He makes this whining sound when people stare at him…. Pretend you don’t see him.”

Muriel began a mewling whine, and Oren looked away.

“Stop him,” said Oren.

Clare hurried to Muriel’s side and received a six-inch needle which Muriel had chosen out of the pockets she had had time to search.

Muriel stopped whining.

“What did you do?” Oren asked.

“I told him if he’d stop I’d put your eye out with this,” Clare said, raising Oren’s veil with the needle and holding the point very still and very near Oren’s left eye.

“You’re both insane,” said Oren.

“That’s right,” said Clare, “so you’d better be careful. We’ll have your weapons, now.”

Oren licked his lips. “It’s Uncle Phineas, isn’t it?” he said. “He sent you. Listen, I don’t care who I work for, so long as there’s plenty of pay.”

“Yes, but who wants a one-eyed warden?” said Clare.


And you thought I was a sweet old lady.

A WRITING PROMPT BASED ON MY POST: Write about someone who misrepresents themselves to achieve a goal.



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