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HELLO! My name is CHICKIE! It’s my turn to write Mommy’s story. Mommy says her Story A Day challenge today is sumpin something called a prose sonnet, but I don’t know what dat that is. Mommy says her Holly prompt is fiber, and dat that means cloth, and I do know what that is. So i I talk about dat that.

Mommy, will you fix my mistakes before I put them up? I’m almost a whole one years old, and I want to look big, like Tipper. Okay? Okay!

Fiber, by Chickie

The princess cat’s first best fiber was the front room couch, but her Mommy put this metal stuff on it so she wouldn’t scratch and bite it.

Did it work? See the holes in the metal, and see the shiny bits on the floor?

The princess cat also loved the fancy chair #4 Princess Sister gave the king and the queen.

She loved it THIS much!

The princess cat loved the back of the tablecloth very, very much, and the queen said, “That’s enough!”

So the queen gave the princess cat her very own castle to love.

And the king made her this cat tree to love.

They even gave her pet trees to love. (Is cardboard a fiber? I think cardboard is a fiber.)

But the princess cat’s favorite thing was to sit next to her brother on the windowseat. Sometimes they sat apart, and sometimes they sat together.

Together was their favorite.


Mommy: Good job, Chickie! You wrote a prose sonnet: a story in 14 sentences!

I did? Yay, me!!! Tipper, come look what I did! Yayyyy!!!!!

CHICKIE’S PROMPTS TODAY: prose sonnet, fiber


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One thought on “Fiber, by Chickie #Caturday #TipperAndChickie #StoryADayMay

  1. acflory

    May 19, 2019 at 6:32am

    Thank you, Chickie, you taught me something today. I’m not good at poetry like you so I didn’t know what a prose sonnet was. I do now though. 🙂

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