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So today is Tuesday AND the 21st of the month, which means I do three posts today: here, Fatal Foodies, and The Write Type. Geez-o-pete!

ANYWAY, today’s Story A Day challenge is to write a one-sided conversation. Since THE WOLVES OF PORT NOVO (The Book Formerly Known As EEL’S REVERENCE) just came out, I wrote today’s story from the point of view of Aunt Libby as a child.

Wolves and Rabbits

Wh–Where am I? Ugh! It’s cold! I’m all wet! Ouch! What are all these poky things?

Mam! Mam! Poppaaaaaa!

Who’s that? I can’t hardly see…. Ohh, you’re a wolf! Hello, wolf. Oh, yes, come close! Can I touch you? Oh, that’s nice, nice soft wolf. You’re the one who keeps the rabbits out of the garden. I’ve seen you.

Where were you today? Huh? Where were you today? If you’d been around today, I wouldn’t be in trouble. But there was that rabbit, eating the greens, and no hungry wolf anywhere!

I know Mam and Poppa told me to keep the rabbits out of the garden while I was pulling weeds, but rabbits need to eat, too! Poppa says the priest says if wolves eat the rabbits, that’s because wolves need to eat. So I thought, if rabbits eat the greens, that’s because rabbits need to eat.

But then I finished weeding and a bunch of the greens were gone, right down to the ground! That greedy rabbit didn’t leave us one scrap of–oh–bunches of plants!

Then I saw Poppa coming, and I remembered I told him I hate greens, and I was afraid he’d think I tore them up, myself, or maybe I let the rabbit eat them so I wouldn’t have to, and I was right by the forest and I ran away before Poppa could see me.

He was probably really mad. He probably did think I did it on purpose. He probably went back home and told Mam I was a bad girl, and I did a bad thing and ran away and maybe Holy Sweet Micah would let Baby Sadie grow up to be a good girl, not like her bad sister.

Oh, don’t cry, just because I’m crying! I’m sorry, wolf! I didn’t mean to make you sad. Oh, poor wolf, crying so loud! Are you hurt? Did I hug you too hard?

What’s that? Is it bad? Don’t let the bad thing get me! Run away, so the bad thing doesn’t get us both! Oh, wolf!

Oh! Poppa! Poppa! Poppa! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to let the rabbit eat the greens! I’m sorry!

Yes. Uh-huh. It was a wolf. Uh-huh, it was nice. It must have been crying so you’d know where I was. Wasn’t that a nice wolf?

You mean I’m special good or special bad? A priest someday? Me? Aunt Libby? Poppa, you’re so funny!

‘Bye, wolf! Come help me in the garden tomorrow, wolf! Byeeee!


I’ll do an announcement of the release here after Story A Day is over. Meanwhile, I’m announcing it today at The Write Type.

I’m posting on Fatal Foodies today about Lazybutt Pizzanated Cauliflower.

MY PROMPTS TODAY: Bothersome fruit or villainous veggies (my Holly prompt), a one-sided conversation



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