Teach ‘Em If You Got ‘Em #Fridays4Future #ClimateStrike

If you have your kids at home now, and you want a good interdisciplinary subject, Climate is a winner.

Microsoft News has a good basic article for starters: Homeschooling during coronavirus: 5 ways to teach children about climate change. It says, in part:

Climate change is an interdisciplinary subject that both school children and adults think is important. And as we deal with the current crisis – which is also having its own effects on the environment – there is perhaps no better time to think about how to avoid the next, potentially even greater one. Despite this, a recent survey found that 75 percent of teachers don’t feel they have adequate training to educate students about climate change, so homeschooling parents might feel even more out of their depth. But the emerging field of climate change education offers a few key lessons on how to teach learners of all ages.

For more detailed curriculum help, Rutgers University has links to resources for educators K-12.

Go get ’em!

She’ll still be here.

A WRITING PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU: Write about somebody teaching something without having teaching experience.


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