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Don’t get your chads in a twist: I’m talking about an upcoming anthology called LOW DOWN DIRTY VOTE (Volume 2).

Here’s the press release:

San Francisco— June 23, 2020
Today at the Berry Content Corporation, editor and publisher  Mysti Berry announced the launch on July 4, 2020, of the anthology Low Down Dirty Vote: Volume II, available in ebook and trade paperback formats.
The book was created in the wake of BCC’s first release Lowdown Dirty Vote in 2018, which raised $5000 for, and delivered 100% of its sales to, the ACLU.  Volume II will again contribute 100% of its proceeds, this time to the Southern Poverty Law Center. 

Berry Content Corporation was created by Mysti Berry in 2017 in order to create charity anthologies of short crime fiction to raise money for good causes.

“We’re proud that every dime of sales is being contributed to the Southern Poverty Law Center,” said  Mysti Berry. “We’re sending a $10,000 check as an advance against those sales.  Berry Content Corporation is covering all publication costs, including writer’s fees, so all the money can go to SPLC.”

Diverse Voices Support a Common Goal

Writers from all across America have contributed to the new anthology, which turns on the theme of “Every stolen vote is a crime”.  Authors include Faye Snowden, whose devastating story One Bullet, One Vote, reminds readers that the current struggle for voting justice has old and violent roots. Stories with a lighter tone include Stephen Buehler’s “Nicking Votes,” Sarah M. Chen’s “Unit 805,” and Bev Vincent’s “Kane and the Candidate.” Richly published and frequent award winner, Gary Phillips’s cross-genre story “High Sheriff Blues” drives deep into the heart of Texas law enforcement, and Travis Richardson’s “The Cost of Ethics” suggests a path forward from our current divided nation.  Noted literary author and lawyer Scott Turow (U.S. Senate Nominations Commission for the Northern District of Illinois, Time Magazine cover June 11 1990, the novels Presumed Innocent, Burden of Proof , and his new novel, The Last Trial) provides the introduction. 

“Each story explores a different facet of what is lost when a citizen’s vote is stolen,” said editor Mysti Berry. “Whether it’s Gabriel Valjan’s take on US interference in post-war Italian politics, or David Hagerty’s look at the ERA, all these stories remind us where we’ve been, and where we need to go to make America a just and equitable country.”

Product Availability

Product in ebook format is available for preorder now, and the trade paperback will be available on July 4, 2020 from Amazon. The trade paperback is also available for order from standard book distributors.

The Authors speak:

As for my nails this week, I did a pretty pinky one with shiny bits in:

A WRITING PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU: Write about a vote.


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