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When Amazon does the thing, the thing gets done. This is often a bad, sometimes a very bad thing, but now Amazon is going in for Sustainability, so maybe…..

According to their Renewable Energy page, Amazon says:

Amazon is on a path to powering our operations with 100% renewable energy by 2025 as part of our goal to reach net zero carbon by 2040. In 2019, Amazon reached 42% renewable energy across our business.

Amazon Renewable Energy

The Denver Post reports that business supported Congress in reinstating Obama-era rules “targeting methane emissions from leaks and flares in oil and gas wells.” Twelve Republicans joined Democrats in getting the reinstatement passed, although other Republicans objected that the rules were bad for business. Democrats disagreed. Know who else disagreed that the rules were bad for business? Business.

Those statements were at odds with the oil and gas industry, which largely supported the Obama-era rule. The rule by Environmental Protection Agency curbed methane emissions at facilities built or modified since 2015, requiring companies to deploy technology to detect and fix leaks at oil and gas wells. Many large energy companies have embraced methane capture as a way to save money and promote natural gas as a cleaner option than coal in the nation’s power plants.

By MATTHEW DALY | The Associated Press

Don’t give up. Don’t look away. Keep pushing.

AMAZON is a good guy?

A WRITING PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU: Write about methane. Remember: Cows don’t fart, they burp.



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