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Them businesses are at it ag’in. I never thought I’d live to see the day when business lobbied Congress for social justice, but it’s happening.

LEAD On Climate Action tells all about it:

LEAD stands for Lawmaker Education Advocacy Day. The primary purpose is to educate members of the House and Senate (as well as key members of the Administration) on the business case for climate action. … [The purpose of LEAD 2021 is:] To bring the collective leading business voice to federal lawmakers in support of a robust, infrastructure/jobs package that will effectively address climate change. … [and to:] Ensure that investments in infrastructure prioritize emissions reductions, good-paying clean energy jobs, and environmental justice to secure a sustainable future.

One of the participating businesses is New Belgium Brewing, so you know I’m on board! Their Fat Tire even has a site called Drink Sustainably, which has a search-and-tweet function where you can search for your favorite major company (not just breweries) to see if they have a 2030 Climate Plan. If yes, you can tweet your congratulations; if not, you can tweet to ask them to make a commitment.

Climate For Health says Climate Solutions Last Longer Than The News Cycle.

The time is now to invest in our communities and build equitable, sustainable climate solutions. Solutions that have benefits that will last decades longer than our attention spans. 

Rebecca Rehr, MPH, is the Director of Climate for Health.

To that end:

“If you’re wondering where or how to start now, we just released a series of action sheets to help. They are each two pages. The front includes What You Need to Know’ and the back includes ‘What You Need to Do.’

  1. Climate Solutions for Your Home and Neighborhood
  2. Climate Solutions for Your Workplace
  3. Climate Solutions for Your Community
  4. Climate Solutions Advocacy with Policy Makers ” — Climate For Health website
It makes dollars and sense.

A WRITING PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU: Write about somebody taking matters into their own hands.



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