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There are quite a few museums in Louisville, Kentucky. One of them is the Frazier History Museum. I’ve been there a few times. Once I went to see their swords and knives, during which trip we were treated to a live exhibition of swashbuckling. Another time, I just wandered through and read an information board on Yankee Bligh (who pursued the James-Younger gang to Kentucky and became Louisville Chief of Police), who is buried in Cave Hill Cemetery in Louisville. Yankee Bligh is my imaginary Victorian policeman boyfriend. Charlie’s family is supposed to be related to one of the Youngers’ cousins, but that don’t cut no ice with me. I’m Team Yankee.

Here’s a link to a page with videos of some of their exhibits. They also have Bourbon Tasting.

ANYWAY, I’m excited because of this exhibition (red text reddened by me):

West of Ninth
September 2021

“West of Ninth” is a photography and personal narrative blog that features residents from within the nine neighborhoods that make up West Louisville. These narratives give residents a voice and strive to create a sense of understanding for those within and outside of the West Louisville community.

In partnership with “West of Ninth” bloggers Walt and Shae Smith, the West of Ninth: Race, Reckoning, & Reconciliation uses the blog as a jumping off point to explore the historic roots of Louisville’s Ninth Street divide, delving into issues of race, segregation and redlining in the city.

Originally scheduled to open during the first week of protests that erupted in Louisville over the police killing of Breonna Taylor, West of Ninth: Race, Reckoning, and Reconciliation explores how these historic factors have contributed to the ongoing protests and race relations in Louisville.

West of Ninth: Race, Reckoning, & Reconciliation features artifacts excavated in Corn Island Archaeology’s exploration of historic Black neighborhood Beecher Terrace, as well as other objects related to Black history in Louisville and the ongoing protests, alongside selections from the “West of Ninth” blog.

Yes, #4 Daughter, the amazing Sara Marian, put together that part of the exhibit. It opened on September 18. Proud Mama.

Here are my nails this week:

Base coat is Live Love Polish’s Sandstorm. Dark stamp is MoYou London’s Dilophosaurus. White stamp is Maniology’s Bam! White. Butterfly is from Maniology’s MXM060, so you’ll have to look for that second-hand. White pattern stamp is from Maniology’s Bundle Monster + BM-XL218218.

And remember, if you buy from, use discount code MomGoth10 for 10% off your order.




I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, but now live in the woods in southern Indiana. Though I only write fiction, I love to read non-fiction. The more I learn about this world, the more fantastic I see it is.

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One thought on “Frazier History Museum #FrazierMuseum #BLM #MondayRecommends #NailArt

    • Author

      Marian Allen

      September 21, 2021 at 2:27pm

      I would LOVE to go see it, but COVID. Also, the bridge is being repaired, and it takes forEVver to get to and from Louisville. The exhibit will be there for the rest of the year (I think), so we may get to see it. Of course, Sara’s seen the Beecher Terrace part up close and personal, but the rest of it should be cool, too. I was born and raised west of 9th Street, but back then, everything was always all about white people, so I look forward to immersing myself in the actual history of the area.

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  1. joey

    October 29, 2021 at 10:23am

    Proud mama, indeed! 😀 I haven’t been to the Frazier History Museum – this could be a cool weekend outing for me so I’m going to look it up.
    I love the nails! White pattern is dreamy!

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    • Author

      Marian Allen

      October 29, 2021 at 10:36am

      It’s in Louisville, Kentucky. I just got my booster shot, so if you want to meet….

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      • joey

        October 29, 2021 at 12:04pm

        Yes, likely 🙂
        How long is Amazing’s display on? We have to get through marching band season…

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