How Much Work? #1LinerWeds

The roof on Mom’s house needs to be replaced, so I got some bids. The one I chose wasn’t the cheapest, because you have to figure value for money, and the higher guy offered the best value.

ANYWAY, the guy and his buddy are both the kind of talkers I like. Some people can talk about how they ran with the bulls in Pamplona (if that’s the place they run with bulls) or rescued a child from a burning building, but they’re so boring you would chew your own foot off to get away. Other people — like these guys — can talk about digging septic systems or driving down the road and you never want them to stop talking.

One of them was talking about a friend of his who’s working down south, rebuilding after the latest storms. He said the guy would finish one job and get sent to the next immediately, one after the other. He put it this way:

He’s chasing houses down the block.

Lines like that are worth a little extra money, am I right?

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A WRITING PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU: Chasing something or someone down the block.



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