Caturday: The Many Names of Adi

Hewwo! Um, I’m Adi, okay?

My bornded name is Adi (rhymes with body) of Gestau, but EverMom calls me Adi (rhymes with daddy). One of her friends, de writer Red Tash, calls me Adi (rhymes with lady).

Sometimes EverMom calls me Adi Domarus after a name in her favorite book, Piranesi.

Sometimes she calls me Adipose, because, as de vet said, I’m a Big Girl.

I like de fancy names best: Lady Floofington or Fraulein Fluffenchatten.

Last night, #4 Hooman Sister called me Matbottom Schmooshface. Sometimes she calls me “You brachiocephalic weirdo.” But she says it wif love.

EverMom has two boxes of toys for us. Our two favorites are a piece of ribbon and a knit dishcloth wif a hole in it. Tipper found a craft stick and licked it soggy, but EverMom frew it away because she was afraid we’d run wif it in our moufs. We also liked a piece of orange crepe paper, but we tored it up, playing wif it.

MY favorite toy is a white paper bag. Chickie likes it, too, and sometimes we argue over it.

I fought we had a new toy, but EverMom took it away. I was enjoying playing peek-a-boo wif it.

Wherrrrrre’s Adi?
Here she is!

EverMom was afraid we’d get tangled up in it and not be able to breve, so she pokeded holes in it and frew it away.

P.S. EverMom is working de mats out of my hair. Sometimes it pulls, but it feels good when dey’re gone.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: Do you like to hide and jump out?


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One thought on “Caturday: The Many Names of Adi

  1. acflory

    December 9, 2022 at 5:35pm

    Wow…what a lot of names, Adi [like-daddy]. Golli only has a couple of names – Golligolligolli [like a yodel] and CheekyBoy. He likes both. Mogi, however, has a /lot/ of names: ChickenLegs, Stinky, Moo [short for Mogimoo] and my favourite, FuzzyButt because in winter when her coat is at its longest she’s a lot like you, Adi. Um, the only difference is that she’s a dog. 😀

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