Food: Vegan Crisp-Pastry Mushroom Pie

This is kind of a cross between a rough-puff pastry and a shortcrust pastry. As is so often the case, my recipes read like something from the Middle Ages.

Mix flour, salt, and water to make a dough that holds together but isn’t wet. Flour the board, if necessary, and roll it out between the board and a sheet of parchment paper until it’s a rough rectangle.

Roll out a lump of vegan butter into a rectangle about a third of the dough’s size, or cut the butter into pats. Put the butter all over the middle third of the dough and fold the top third over the butter, then the bottom third. Fold the edges over to make an envelope. Give it half a turn, roll it out again, and fold it again (no more butter. Refrigerate or freeze the dough for about half an hour (more, if refrigerated, less, if frozen). Do this roll-fold-turn-roll-fold-refrigerate routine two more times, then roll the dough into the shape you want. I did a square to fit my pan.

Fill it with … well … filling and bake it at about 425F (~218C) for maybe 20-30 minutes.

My filling:

Fry chopped shallots and mushrooms in a dry pan, adding a little salt to draw out the juices and concentrate the flavor. You can totally use onions instead of shallots, or even onion powder. It’s your kitchen — do whatever the fuck you want. Add vegan butter, heat it up, add flour and whatever seasonings you want (I used Penzeys Bavarian mix, stir it in, and cook off the floury taste. Add vegan milk (I use NotMilk) and stir it until it thickens and turns glossy. Stir in some frozen or drained canned peas (or, you know, whatever).

I probably put some VioLife vegan mozzarella shreds on top because cheese.

Look at that crispy crust! And no soggy bottom!




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