Food: Russian Gnocchi — Say What Now?

Sara says all it takes to make a dish Russian is sour cream and dill, so maybe I made this gnocchi Russian. On the other hand, I also used paprika, so maybe it’s Hungarian?

Paprika not shown. Neither are the peas.

ANYWAY, it was good.

Fry the mushrooms in a dry pan, then add butter and dry gnocchi. When that’s all toasty, add a half cup of Not Beef broth, or vegetable broth, or water and bouillon to strength. Add frozen peas and stir occasionally while the gnocchi plumps up and the peas cook and the liquid cooks down. Mix in vegan sour cream and dill. No, more dill than that. More. More…. Okay, that’s probably enough. Sprinkle with sweet paprika and enjoy!

So rich and yummy!

A WRITING PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU: Trying to discover the source of something.



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One thought on “Food: Russian Gnocchi — Say What Now?

  1. acflory

    March 29, 2023 at 7:45pm

    Mmm…I may try this base recipe myself! Looks and sounds delicious.

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