One-Liner Wednesday: Oh, Yelena!

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I just watched the Disney limited series HAWKEYE. Hawkeye is my favorite avenger. Sara doesn’t like him much, and I don’t know why, because she LOVES Batman. Like Batman, Hawkeye is just a guy with a highly developed skill set.

ANYWAY, imagine my delight when Black Widow’s also-an-assassin sister, Yelena, showed up. Yelena is my favorite trained assassin. I love her even more than I love Black Widow, and I love Black Widow A LOT.

Yelena is essentially good natured, but she can’t be convincingly benign, even when she wants to be, because her candor gets in her way. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from HAWKEYE. The last line is my one-liner, but the rest sets it up:

I don’t have any weapons on me. Okay- I take that back. I don’t have any weapons currently in my hands. That’s a lie also. – Yelena

A WRITING PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU: Honesty is sometimes not the best policy.



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