Caturday, StoryADay May: Adi’s Tale

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Hewwo! Um, I’m Adi, okay?

Dis is my first story, so I hope I do it right. Chickie and Tipper and EverMom say all I have to do is make something up to my head, so here goes.

Adi’s Tale

Once upon a time, there was a bootiful hooman lady called, um, Lady Hooman. And there was a handsome hooman man called something else. Prince Handsome. There was a handsome hooman man called Prince Handsome.

One day, Prince Handsome was walking in the woods and he found a bootiful kitten girl with a skinny tail up in a tree. I mean hiding in the bushes. Um, caught in a bramble? Huddled under a big mushroom for shelter from the pouring rain?

Yeah, it was raining really hard, and the bootiful kitten girl’s long fur was all wet because the mushroom wasn’t very good at keeping the rain off of her.

Prince Handsome fell in love with the bootiful kitten girl at first sight. He picked her up and wrapped her in a soft fluffy dry towel he had in a pocket of his cape and he tucked her inside his what’s that thing, EverMom? – He tucked her inside his tunic and carried her home.

When the bootiful kitten girl dried out, her fur fluffed up and looked even more bootiful than before.

Lady Hooman and Prince Handsome were bestest friends, and she came over to visit.

He said, “Look how bootiful she is with her fluffed out fur.”

She said, “When is her face going to fluff out?”

He said, “That’s as fluffed as it gets. Isn’t she cute?”

Lady Hooman thought the bootiful kitten girl was cute.

“Let’s call her Cutie,” she said.

“Cutie is a good name for her,” he said. “Now her name is Cutie.”

Prince Handsome took good care of Cutie, and Lady Hooman helped.

One day, Prince Handsome said, “It makes Cutie sad when you leave. I think she likes you better. Maybe she should go live with you, if I can come visit her.”

“Of course you can come visit her! You can come visit her any time!”

So Lady Hooman took Cutie home with her.

Lady Hooman took good care of Cutie, and Prince Handsome helped.

One day, Lady Hooman said, “It makes Cutie sad when you leave. I think she likes you better. Maybe she should go back and live with you again, if I can come visit her.”

“Of course you could come visit her,” Prince Handsome said, “but we did this before. It makes her sad when you leave her at my palace and it makes her sad when I leave her at your palace. Poor little Cutie is always sad!”

They both cried and loved on Cutie and cried some more.

Then Cutie, who was old enough to talk now, said, “You silly hoomans! Why don’t you get one big palace together and we can all live in it? Then nobody has to be sad!”

“Cutie is so smart!” said Prince Handsome.

“How can anything so bootiful be so smart, too?” said Lady Hooman.

So Prince Handsome and Lady Hooman got….

EverMom: Married

So Prince Handsome and Lady Hooman got married, which I think means building a big palace, and they moved in with Cutie, and they all lived happily ever after.

How’s that? Did I do okay?



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One thought on “Caturday, StoryADay May: Adi’s Tale

  1. acflory

    May 12, 2024 at 6:50pm

    Awww…a bit of wish fulfilment there, Adi. But a great story. Congratulations. 🙂

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