Flashbacks for 2002

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January, 2002

Tree House

“We were playing,” I say. “He fell.” My arm still hurts where he pinched me. I think he’s dead. I pushed him hard enough.

February, 2002


I can see my breath. This is a picture I’ll never paint: “Man with a Broken Leg in the Snow.”

March, 2002

Still Life

The knot slips easily. The chair wobbles. One step, and it’s done. The air is full of silence and torn betting slips.

April, 2002

Results Positive

Q: Want to? Pregnant? Do you take this man…? I drink too much? You know about us? It’s over, then? A: Yes.

May, 2002


“Where’s my ring? The one Mother left me?” He looks in his wallet. “No idea.” The wallet holds less than he had hoped, and a pawn ticket.

June, 2002

Twenty Years Later

When their youngest left the nest, he finally told her what he really thought about her. Then they had a second honeymoon.

July, 2002

After the Fight

He came home to a note: “Gone to Mom’s. Back–?” An hour later, she found him weeping into a drink. She had only gone for tea….

August, 2002


Aunts, uncles, cousins–the whole family but one–all sit down to dinner. The doorbell rings, and the long-empty plate is filled.

September, 2002

Double Blind

Night. Fog. A deer leaps into my headlights and out again. I pass through the space it leaves on its way into the hunting season.

October, 2002


“Can’t resist your pumpkin pie.” “Enjoy, Pop.” He eats, winking thanks. He vanishes. She sits in his place and eats his still-warm pie.

November, 2002


She puts on her left sock, her left shoe. Surgery, therapy, years of habit; still she sits a moment, disturbed by a sense of unfinished business.

December, 2002

Christmas Miracle

I was about to say I was allergic to dogs when I looked into my son’s eyes and was cured.

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I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, but now live in the woods in southern Indiana. Though I only write fiction, I love to read non-fiction. The more I learn about this world, the more fantastic I see it is.

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