Flashbacks for 2003

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January, 2003

Curtain Call

She steps forward into the applause, listening for the sound of one special pair of hands. She hears a whisper from the wings.


February, 2003


When we met, my heart stood still. You put your lips to mine, and my life was renewed.

Lucky for me you knew CPR.

March, 2003

In A Vegan Bistro

“Would you like more light so you can read while you eat?”

“It’s a Zen book. You can read them in the dark.”

The bill came: No Charge.

April, 2003


“Can we go for a walk, Mom?”

“It’s wet. It’s raining.”

“Rain makes things grow.”

We walk, we splash, we laugh, we sing. We grow.

May, 2003

Bride of the Grammarian

“Fewer,” she snarled, having seen “less” once too often. Sparks flew as she axed the guidelines from her monitor. “5000 words or FEWER.”

June, 2003

Zoo Date

“I love penguins.”



“Look like waiters.”

“So they do.”


“On ice?”

He grinned.

Off they went.

July, 2003

Breaking the Mold

When she spills flour, I hold my temper. I am not my father. Fresh gingerbread heals old wounds.

August, 2003

Love Letter

I fill it with passion and longing, seal it with a kiss. Set fire to it with his lighter, given me with the rest of his personal effects.

September, 2003


“‘Bye, Mom, Dad.”
She drives away, leaving us behind like two stuffed animals,
and not her favorites.

October, 2003


“Is this your pencil, Miss?”

“Why, thank you!”

It wasn’t, but he had such curls, such dimples.

November, 2003

Truth in Advertising

Knife sharpener worked every bit as well as promised…. Have to write them a testimonial letter…. Lawyer can mail it for me….

December, 2003

Snow Angels

The field is covered with them — leg-swooped skirts, arm-scooped wings…. But where are the footprints…?

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I was born in Louisville, Kentucky, but now live in the woods in southern Indiana. Though I only write fiction, I love to read non-fiction. The more I learn about this world, the more fantastic I see it is.

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