“Sell Books For Steve Brown” Day PSA

I now interrupt my usual twaddle to bring you a Public Service Announcement. Quoting from the blog Handcuffed To The Ocean: crime, mysteries, and adventures on the high seas blog:

Sixteen authors from Mystery Writers of America (MWA) and Romance Writers of America (RWA) have united for a one-day event to help pay for Steve’s mounting medical costs. We are calling it “Sell Books for Steve Day”. The participating authors will donate a percentage of the proceeds from the day’s sale of one of their titles toward Steve’s medical fund. The event will take place on Monday, July 16th. This will be a great event for everyone. The reader will be able to purchase a book from his or her favorite author and/or discover a new author. The authors will get credit for selling their books, and most importantly, funds will be raised for Steve. What a great method to help him.

The books for sale are e-books, although several titles will have a link for both electronic and  hard copies (for hard copies and other formats, be sure you read carefully any instructions regarding payment to ensure that your purchase counts toward the event). Below are the authors who are willing to help Steve and their books. Please follow the links and decide which books you’d like to purchase. Remember, in order for your purchase to count toward the dollars raised for Steve, you must make your purchase on July 16th. And please help us spread the word about this event by adding this link, www.handcuffedtotheocean.com to your Facebook page or blog site or Tweet message on your Twitter feed before and during the event.

The more books we sell on July 16th, the more money we raise!

Thank you everyone, authors and readers.

Go check out that post: Sell Books For Steve Day and pick up some great beachy reads. Some are heavy on the romance, some are mystery with a relationship thrown in. You got your paranormal. You got your science fiction. Family sagas. Thrillers. Cops. Atlantis. Football. Scholars kidnapping conmen. Tattoos, people! I just got mine (book, I mean, not tattoo). Go get yours. 🙂

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: A character figures out a way to use his or her talent to help out a friend.



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