Brits Say Eat Your Joy; It’s Cruelty Free #FridayRecommends

Friday RecommendsI may have posted this one before, but you might have missed it. Or I might have missed it. Or who cares, yeah? ANYWAY, I love slang, and I love British books, so I find this website of The Best of British Slang simply cracking!

Do you have eleventy bazillion cookbooks? I have eleventy bazillion cookbooks. Sometimes I spend hours, looking for a particular recipe. Well, guess what? This website, Eat Your Books, has a buncha cookbooks indexed. I can register for free, tell them what cookbooks I have, and search them online (if they’re in the site’s database). Cool, or not cool? COOL! Oh, internet, I love you so!

Have you heard of Hildegard of Bingen? According to my next recommendation, “Hildegard of Bingen remains Germany’s greatest mystic and God’s companion. She was artist and scientist, mystic and doctor, poet and political critic.” She was also, apparently, a cook. The site shares her recipes, including these “Cookies of Joy.”

I love nail polish. Did you know that? Well, I do. I seldom wear it, because, any time I want to, like at a sales event, I’m schlepping boxes of books. Schlepping boxes of books + manicured nails = tears before bedtime. I have a shoebox filled with nail polish I never use. If I ever buy another bottle, though, it will be from Live.Love.Polish, specifically their Cruelty Free collection or their Vegan collection.

A WRITING PROMPT BASED ON MY POST: Write about someone who breaks a nail. Doesn’t have to be a fingernail.



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One thought on “Brits Say Eat Your Joy; It’s Cruelty Free #FridayRecommends

  1. Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA

    December 8, 2017 at 10:03am

    My recipes are all on my computer and tablet. Indexed for looking for INGREDIENTS that I have. That’s the way I roll!

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    • Author

      Marian Allen

      December 8, 2017 at 5:26pm

      Yeah, us, too! Charlie was trying to find a soup featuring celery yesterday. I’m like, “You mean celery soup?” But he didn’t mean celery soup. He complained because one book had two recipes for celery soup. I’m like, “You DO or you DO NOT want multiple versions of celery soup?” And he be all like, “Oh, forget it.” So do you have any idea of what he wants?

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