Evil Updates Air-Fry Japanese Cats. You’ll Flip Your Lid! #FridayRecommends

Friday Recommends

Friend and fellow writer Holly Jahangiri (the real one) is also a techno-wiz. In this post she tells us how to circumvent a “feature” of the Android 9 Galaxy phone update.

Meanwhile, friend and fellow writer Meeka warns against a Windows 7 update.

I got another one of those emails referencing one of my posts and recommending one of the email writer’s posts about something only tangential to mine. After I said I would look at her post she said:

Hey, thanks for taking a look – i’d love to hear what you think?

To which I replied:

What do I think? What do I think? I think, Day-yum, girl, where were you before I gave my air fryer away??? I could only make three things in it: underdone things, overdone things, and half-underdone/half-overdone things. Now I’m wishing I could turn back the clock and snag that baby back from my sister-in-law. Yeah, you will definitely make one of my Friday Recommend posts!

And so she did. Some of her recipes are vegan too! Day-yum!!!

I don’t know about your mom, but around here in hickland we pronounce “for” as “fur”, and any time I asked, “What fur?” my mom would say, “Cat fur to make a pair of kitten britches. Want a pair?” Well, this Japanese couple don’t make kitten britches, but they do make cat hats. WANT!

My friend Beth, who I’ve known since the summer between junior and senior high school, recommended this Netherlands site. I lost the original post she sent me to, but I fell into a rabbit hole and came out at Terri Metz’ YouTube channel. I have now subscribed. The one where she shows you how to fold fitted sheets is sublime, but this one slays me. You’re welcome.

I think she would love it that the Play icon gives her a puppy nose.

A WRITING PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU: Fun with household items.



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One thought on “Evil Updates Air-Fry Japanese Cats. You’ll Flip Your Lid! #FridayRecommends

  1. Deborah

    August 24, 2019 at 9:07am

    LOL! That’s funny! Toot-a-loo my sweets! Hahahahaha so is her send-off.

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    • Author

      Marian Allen

      August 24, 2019 at 10:10am

      In the words of the immortal Chico Marx, she’s-a crack-a me up!”

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