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NBC news has a page called One Small Thing: Life Improvements and Tips. It’s coolio! I got to it from an NBC news article called 6 ways ordinary people can prevent climate change, according to researchers and advocates, by By Julie Compton. Although it was written in 2018, it’s — sadly — just as timely today.

The article, as the title says, focuses on six solutions, but links to other sites with more:

Project Drawdown recently put together a report highlighting 30 behavioral solutions ordinary people can take to combat climate change. The top three include wasting less food, adopting a plant-rich diet and consuming less energy and water.

–Julie Compton, NBC news

Wasting less food…. I think I’m firmly on top of that one.

As for consuming less water, is anybody but me old enough to remember the catch-phrase from the 60s-70s: “Save water — Shower with a friend.”?

Ah, the dear, dead days.


A WRITING PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU: Write about wasted food. Or food that is NOT wasted.



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