Mysterious Palate Images from Monkey #FridayRecommends

Friday RecommendsWelcome to Friday Recommends, the day in which I moosh up the names of web sites, books, movies, and/or what-not I recommend into one grand click-baity post title.

Did you ever watch the tv show House? Mom and I loved it until his residents graduated and he got a new crew. We never warmed up to any of them, so we stopped watching. But — and this is the point — we loved the medical mysteries. So imagine my delight when I discovered The Washington Post’s Medical Mysteries column.

Creepy as it is to follow that with a site about ingesting anything, I’m doing it. The Cup of Life tells you everything you need to know about tea. I mean tea tea, not 1960s “tea”. Tells you all about teaware, teas, tasting, cooking with tea, and how to cleanse your palate while tea-tasting. Nifty!

If you blog, you know it’s sometimes hard to find a graphic to go with your post. Oh, it isn’t? Everything you post about is, like, normal and easy to illustrate? Well…. Huh. (“Well…. Huh.” That’s Midwest American for “I can think of plenty of things to say, but you might take them as being unkind.”)

ANYWAY, Pixabay is this awesomely awesome site with So. Many. Pictures. that are free! Some of them ask for attribution, but many of them don’t even ask that. This is where I got that creepy fox I used the other day. You can download an image, import it into your photo program, and edit it.

OR, you can edit it in my online graphic program of choice, which is where I heard of Pixabay, the glorious PicMonkey. I love that site. So many features, I never use a fraction of them. Subscribe to their newsletters. They’re fun!

A WRITING PROMPT BASED ON MY POST: Write about a mysterious picture of tea.



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