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There’s this guy, representing Horizon Music, who comes to InConjunction and sells CDs. He plays them at his table, so people can hear them, but there’s always so much ambient noise in the Expo Hall it’s hard to hear the music. He’s caught me a few times, though, and I’ve bought four of the CDs he offers.

With its ethereal grandeur, this 1995 album has reminded some listeners of waterfalls. Others have felt a slight Jean-Michel Jarre influence.
Released in 2003, this disc is an effective combination of electronic and classical music. Several pieces have orchestral sounds in places where one might normally expect electronics. [NOTE FROM MA: Also some Middle Eastern influence]
Composed and performed entirely on one keyboard, Escape was the first album to feature the “electronic symphony” sound that Steve was known for in the early ’90s

This one isn’t on the site, so I took a picture of my copy.

No description provided, but how could I resist a collection that includes A Lot of Fighting In C Minor and Gratuitous Sex & Violence? Not, that’s how!

There are MP3 samples of music from Dance of Shadows and other CD’s on the sample page.

Like so:

Mummy Dance from Emocean

My nails have nothing to do with music: I went to Imaginarium creatives convention this weekend, and did my nails in cats and books, because: CATS! and BOOKS!

The green (or is it blue?) base color is Pure Ice’s Twisted, the greeny-gold is Maniology’s Liquid Sunshine, and the stamping polish is Maniology’s Bam! White. The plate is Maniology’s MXM075.

A WRITING PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU: Music, ethereal and/or earthy.



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