Monday Recommends and Nail Art: Orange and Everything But Orange

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So I fucked around and found out why prescription bottles are orange on the Mental Floss website, courtesy of The Morning Brew.

I also found out this:

When you’re finished with your prescription, you don’t have to throw the orange bottle in the trash. Unfortunately, most municipalities don’t accept No. 5 plastic—the plastic pill bottles are made from—for recycling, but the bottles can often be donated to those in need. Matthew 25: Ministries, for example, has a pill bottle donation project that sends bottles to developing countries to improve their access to quality medical supplies. Some animal shelters also accept donations for pets that need medications—just don’t forget to remove any identifying information from your containers before handing them off. Here are more uses for your old orange pill bottles.

Mental Floss

Maniology does tutorials that I sometimes watch, and I learned this new technique this week:

I tried this before, and it was an abject failure. That’s because I didn’t know The Sekrit — shhhh! Okay, here’s the secret: You put down a base color of white, then paint over it with matte top coat or smudge free top coat. THEN you scribble over the dried top coat with a sharpie, then pick up some regular household rubbing alcohol on a little detailing brush and smoosh the sharpie color around. Then I stamped over it in gold. Pink, pale green, pink AND pale green, and purple. I like it.

A WRITING PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU: Discovering the secret.



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