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  1. Well done, Marian. I think much of the angst between author and reviewer arises out of a sense that the reviewer’s agenda isn’t so much to critique as it is to criticize – they’re not at all the same, of course. On the other hand, some authors give the rest of us a bad name by knee-jerk reactions against anything perceived as critical, even when it’s really just honest critique. We all have some work to do, methinks.

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    • I think you’re right on both counts, V. A good critique can help us grow and improve. And a book review is supposed to tell people what a particular reader’s experience of the book was and why, so other potential readers have something on which to base their gamble. If somebody says, “I hated this book,” it doesn’t tell me anything about what MY experience might be. If somebody says, “I hated this book because it was like something Terry Pratchett would write,” I’M GONNA BUY THAT BOOK! lol

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  2. Well said.
    I find that book reviews do tempt me or turn me off a book.
    I seem to credit the ones most that tell me the dialogue and plot were –bad– and that editing was very annoying, or that the characters were trivial.

    I’ve even read down a list of reviews which were enthusiastic: I stayed up all night; I can’t wait til the next one, etc.
    Then another reviewer says there was an unnecessary cliff-hanger, or that the writing was immature, or lacking grammar and spelling, etc., I am generlaly turned right off the thing.

    I also won’t even check reviews if the blurb is trivial, overly-tragical, or poorly written. I am convinced the rest of the book will be, too.

    Harsh, heh?

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