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  1. I also love asymmetrical doors. In fact I like saying asymmetrical. I also like saying asynchronous, but I digress. I recently took photos of hospital doors when my daughter needed some hydration. I didn’t see any as cool as that one. Nicely done and you should get some bonus points for staying focused (almost) on the doors while under the stress of being in the horsepistol (which someone in my family also used to say).
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  2. LOL! I have never heard Horsepistol before you wrote it. I love it when quirky names for things stick and become family traditions. We have a word for instructions thanks to my daughters pronunciation when she was little.

    That asymmetrical door is pretty cool.

    I’m glad your friend is home now! You can’t ever get any rest in a Horsepistol! πŸ™‚
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  3. Interesting design for a horsepistol door. Part of me wonders though if this was intentional or just a retrofit to compensate for someone goofing in the design or in the order for the doors. Hospital doors are usually wide enough to accommodate the width of a wheelchair from the get-go. Or maybe this design was cheaper than the wider 1-piece door. Hmmm….
    I do love the way they hide the storage space. It sure beats staring at gauze and rubber gloves πŸ˜‰

    • The bathroom was crazy-go-nuts huge, so I asked meself: why that door design, and why a room bigger than the usual ADA-compliant room? And my answer was: to accomodate a gurney, so staff could wheel a bedfast patient into the bathroom and transfer him/her to the shower seat with minimum trauma to the patient? In fact, if they had a special shower bed that folded down at the feet and up at the head just a mite, that would fit into the whacking big shower stall.
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