Best. Egg. Ever.

I’m apozabe on Savvy Authors today, talking about Book Kits, but it isn’t up yet (as of 9:41 EDT). Should be up some time today. Meanwhile, here is an AWESOME thing I found at lifehacker. Imma tell you about it here, but follow the link to find more great stuff. 🙂

Take a regular-sized mug. Not one of those big-as-your-head deals, a regular one. Spray it with cooking spray. Okay, now wash it off and spray it INSIDE. I’ll wait. la-la-la-la-la…. Okay. Break an egg into the mug. Add about a Tablespoon of milk or sour cream. Mix it up, making sure to break the yellow. Add what you like–herbs, salt, pepper, cooked mushrooms, chili peppers, cheese. Put it in the microwave for one (1) minute.

It makes the nicest, fluffiest scrambled egg EVER!!! I wrapped mine in a flour tortilla and nommed it heartily.

WRITING PROMPT: Come up with a cooking time-saver for your character to use, or invent a character who likes this shortcut. Why does he/she like it? Because it’s quick? Easy? Requires no cooking ability? You can eat it out of the cooking container?



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