MomGoth’s Clementine #Caturday

Sweetie PieSweetie Pie Turner here.

MomGoth got so lonely for a furbaby, she ordered one over the internet — or, as I call them, the catertubes. She named her Clementine, and calls her Tiny for short.

MomGoth’s Clementine

Clementine awake(I’m posting today in sepia in honor of my new doggie friends, Livvie, Kessie, and Twinkie, who explore Sepia Saturday every week.)
She runs on batteries. The cat, I mean, not MomGoth. MomGoth runs on chocolate and milk stout.

When MomGoth pushes a button, Clementine wags her rear end, closes and opens her eyes, and mews. After doing this a few times, she closes her eyes and purrs a few times and goes to sleep.Clementine sleepingMomGoth brought her down to meet me, but I didn’t like her. Still, if she helps MomGoth deal with not having a cat to live with, I guess she’s all right.

But this — this — is a cat. Am I right?not ClementineA WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: What would you do if your human brought in a mechanical brother or sister for you?


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One thought on “MomGoth’s Clementine #Caturday

  1. Jane

    July 26, 2014 at 4:29pm

    Hello, Sweetie Pie,
    I brought in a small stuffed black cat for my black cat Blackjack.
    He also hated it. He kept stalking past it, growling, and finally took the big smackdown, and knocked the encroaching critter flat.
    Where I let it lie for some time. Blackjack enjoyed strutting past it suprine form and giving it a “That’ll teach ya!” look.

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    • Marian Allen

      July 26, 2014 at 4:51pm

      lol! Oh, that Blackjack — He was the Big Man On Campus, for sure. 🙂

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