Bloggers Guide to Retractable One-Bowl Eclipse #FridayRecommends

Friday RecommendsFriday again! I’ve got half a mind to get a job, just so Fridays will be cause for celebration. Oh, let’s be honest: I’ve got half a mind, period.

So this guy, Alex Grant (hawt name, amIright?) emailed me about his WordPress Security blog and would I check it out. So I did, and I axed three of my techiest friends to give it the once-over. They said it was good stuff. I hereby recommend the Bloggers Guide to WordPress Security. WordPress blogs have been under attack lately, so here’s help!

Mom’s oxygen tubing needs to be long enough to reach all over her house, but that means tubing inna way in the hall. I searched for something to keep it organized, but could only find big machines that cost $500 or more. Then I looked in some fora (I detest fora, as a general rule), and found a recommendation for something different: the Oxy Tube Control Remote. It cost less than $150, including shipping, and IT WORKS. Right at the moment, Mom doesn’t remember how to work it. I at least gathered up enough excess to leave fewer trip-hazard coils in the hall. When she feels better, she’ll have fun with it.

My friend Dan Bays (I’ve known him since he was a high-school volunteer at the Corydon Library [now the Harrison County Library]) has an acquaintance (yeah, I know a guy who knows a guy) who just started a food and exercise blog. It’s pretty excellent! The first post I read was about a breakfast that could be served in one bowl. I loves me some bowls, but I feel a little iffy about this one, although I might give it a try, if somebody else made it for me.

If you didn’t get to view the eclipse or the eclipse coverage, or if you’re interested in seeing other people’s photographs or geeking out on science, you can’t go wrong with NASA. They have a website all about it and related stuff. Always worth checking out. Science is both cool and hawt.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Write about food and exercise. Vampire authors, that’ll be a fun one for you!



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One thought on “Bloggers Guide to Retractable One-Bowl Eclipse #FridayRecommends

  1. joey

    August 25, 2017 at 12:31pm

    The WordPress security thingy got me in a tizzy. Feeling overwhelmed by my ineptitude and the shattered illusion of safety I had developed, I sought comfort in a breakfast bowl. I read that post. Got nauseated. To each his own.
    I was about to write that I’m glad you got the tubey dooji for your mama, when I was needed urgently in the way only a mother can be when one has been irresponsible and forgetful and one needs to be saved, and so now I want you to know that I saved my child and got lunch and dog pills and the library book on hold, all while this box sat here unfinished.

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    • Author

      Marian Allen

      August 25, 2017 at 4:39pm

      Yeah, I didn’t fancy scrambled eggs and oatmeal in the same bowl. I mean, I don’t Monk out if my foods touch each other and, as my Mom says, it’s all together in your stomach, anyway, but….

      I am SO IMPRESSED with ALL THE THINGS you did while my lazy butt box just sat around watching television probably.

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