The Cats Embarrass Themselves #Caturday #TipperAndChickie

Hi, there! I’m TipperAllen, and guess what?

Chickie and I each had a bad day this week.

Momma: WHO had a bad week?

Chickie had a bad day and I had a bad night.

Momma: And who had a bad week?

Momma had a bad week.

First, me. I like to go in the bestibugle vestibule to look outada windows.

But I sneaked in there when Poppa went to lock the door for the night, and I got locked in! I would have been okay, but they didn’t know I was there and it was hours and hours after breakfast time before they rescued me!

Momma: Why didn’t you meow or knock on the door, you goober?

I didn’t want to be a pest.

Momma: So, instead, you….

I pooed inna bestibugle vestibule. But I’m a good, clean boy, so I did it onna rug, and then folded the clean side over the dirty side and patted it down.

Momma: SUCH a good boy.

Thank you, Momma.

And then, Chickie got onna table (like she always does!) and Momma picked her up the very second Chickie went to jump off, and Chickie jumped off of Momma’s bird finger and hurted it. It blooded a lot!

Momma: No, I didn’t go to the ER. Since I’m allergic to tetanus shots and can’t have ’em, all the ER could have done is stitch it up and prescribe antibiotics which I might or might not need. Letting it bleed, washing with alcohol, packing it with Neosporin antibiotic ointment, and keeping a clean bandage on it is Dr. Marian’s regimen.

Momma told Chickie if her bird finger turns black and falls off, she’s getting a false one to stick on whenever Chickie makes her mad. Our #4 hooman sister says your bird finger is an important instrument of communication.

I diddint mean to do it!!!

So we’ve been good as gold ever since, to let Momma know we’re sorry our bad days gave her a bad week.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: Are you sorry when you give your hooman a bad week?


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One thought on “The Cats Embarrass Themselves #Caturday #TipperAndChickie

  1. Daniel Antion

    April 20, 2019 at 7:22am

    No, I am not sorry. If I give them grief or cause them pain, it’s because they haven’t fed me or brushed me enough.


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  2. joey

    April 20, 2019 at 9:15pm

    The blood aside, oh em gee, the RUG, Marian! I LOLed and LOLed! I sure hope you’re not too owie 🙁

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  3. Andrea Flory

    April 21, 2019 at 5:10am

    lmao – those last three photos! The picture of innocence. I really, really sympathize about the rug though. Not nice. :/

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