Who Shot Phineas? #SampleSunday #WolvesOfPortNovo

TL;DR Spoiler Alert: Clare

Who Shot Phineas?

by Marian Allen

“I shot Uncle Phineas,” Clare cried. “I shot him. Twice. With my crossbow. He said he did it to keep them safe, and I didn’t believe him, but Loach does, and – I don’t know! I don’t know anything!”

Theofric’s sandy eyebrows rose to meet the gold nuggets fringing his headnet. His cheekbones had dropped with his jaw, leaving his widened hazel eyes almost round.

“He has her family,” said Muriel. “After your Fortunatos took Aunt Libby, Uncle Phineas came and took her family.”

“Why couldn’t you have brought them, too?” sobbed Clare. “Why did you leave them behind?”

We all knew why Theofric hadn’t “saved” Clare’s family: He hadn’t gotten to be the chief merchant of Port Novo by taking on inventory he didn’t know he could move.


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A WRITING PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU: What cause your most timid character (which Clare, by the way, is not) to commit violence?



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