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I, of all people, was browsing, of all places, Refinery29, “an American multinational digital media and entertainment website focused on young women.” (Wikipedia). Young women, in case you don’t know it yet, are capable of being interested in the latest in lipstick AND science.

The article that attracted my attention is “Reasons To Be Hopeful About The Climate Fight In 2021” by SOPHIE SHNAPP (LAST UPDATED 6 JANUARY 2021, 2:00)

In it, Ms. Shnapp says:

There can be no doubt: we are in a race to save the planet, and we are all petrified. In 2020, “climate anxiety” was recognised by more than 1,000 clinical psychologists who signed an open letter highlighting the impact of the crisis on people’s wellbeing.


Her tightly constructed and information-packed article holds out the following nugget, which is followed up with cogent examples:

But with crisis comes opportunity and the unprecedented scale of coronavirus recovery spending offers a chance to shift the dial on the transition, restructure economies and start a clean energy revolution. Climate momentum is gaining and inspiring examples of post-corona green recovery packages that “build back better” are emerging — if implemented, these will cut CO2 emissions while generating tens of millions of jobs, rebooting economies and improving everyone’s health. 


Not to disparage young men, but I don’t despair of any problem, if young women are working on it.

Hold on, Mom; the girls are on their way!

A WRITING PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU: Write about girls or young women solving a problem.



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