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Climate change is, of course, a global problem, and it’s great to see people from all over the globe working to mitigate or reverse it. The UK puts out a lot of good information, like, a climate solution charity focused on the UK and on emerging nations.

Their March 3, 2021 article by their CEO, Harriet Lamb, 2021: a make-or-break year for climate solutions, is most encouraging:

The most powerful solutions put communities in control – not as passive recipients of help, but pilots of their own destiny. The women launching and running solar microgrids in conflict-hit Yemen for instance – this initiative doesn’t just lower emissions, but raises incomes and tackles gender inequalities. Or the rainforest residents protecting this vital natural resource (and earning a living for their families) by collecting and selling the seeds for planting trees.

— Harriet Lamb

Equally interesting to me, was this statement:

Today’s other global challenge, coronavirus, is inseparable from the climate crisis. Global health inequalities spotlight with dreadful clarity how our old economies and energy systems have left billions of people behind. Both emergencies put those already made vulnerable by poverty or inequality in greatest danger. And many climate solutions are coronavirus solutions too – from solar-powered vaccine fridges to hospitals run off renewables. The pandemic reminds that tackling social injustice is our best route to getting the climate emergency under control.

— Harriet Lamb

I highly recommend reading the entire article (it’s short) and exploring the site. Maybe making a tax-deductable donation, if you’re a UK citizen. If you’re not a UK citizen and you can find a place on the site for non-UK citizens to donate, come back here and let me know, k?

Small, after all. (#SorryNotSorry)




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