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Steffie at the Church on Time @StoryADayMay #espionage #amwriting #ThursdayDoors — 14 Comments

  1. Well, at least she got rid of a bad guy……

    I like women who wear fascinators. (Well, I like the fascinators.) I prefer Blondes, with Black ones, but will accept “Steffie in Teal”. (Sounds like a country music song title!)

    A dissolving dress, eh?
    “Don’t get caught in the rain Dear Steffie… Embarrassing that could be!” Sounds like a Petula Clarke song “Don’t Sleep in the Subway….”

    And a good curtsy, is a thing worth while indeed. I know a Lady who can put out a curtsy that puts Lady Dianna’s to shame. In fact, in a dream once, SHE curtsied to Elizabeth. And since I was in charge of PR, The Curtsy was captured on film and video, and sold as “The Curtsy Heard ‘Round the World”. A historical reference to “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World”. And that was BREED’s HILL, not, repeat not Bunker’s. Bunkers had better PR, is all. Someday, I may write that as a story. The only problem being that Elizabeth and The Princess (Our Princess, not Lady Di.) both exist. And how could they be disguised? An alternate world….? A world where SHE had become Empress, of Earth. Blame my adopted Swedish brother, me, and the aliens….

      • Ah, yes, well for that, women wear rings. Like the Borgia Rings.
        A little slip in the drink, and the gentleman has a MIckey Finn to worry about.
        But hey…. who can’t use a good night’s sleep!

        Steffie, a Russian Spy (Tall dark, handsome, desperate!)
        An awesome GOWN and fascinator…
        And a martini, with something special from her ring…….

  2. Oh, here we go again. The Like Button won’t load. Like There.

    Except for the dead guy, this could have been a family wedding from my younger days. Nothing was stolen, except 5 years of happiness.

  3. Worse, if the like button evvvvvver does load, well, it simply does not work for me. No where. I seem to have been banned from liking anything by the internet daemons……

    A “like” unsaid, an internet daemon, and a cup of coffee. But i doubt anyone could do anything with those prompts!

      • But I am a Bond Villain! I HAVE TO challenge you!

        What do you want me to DOOOO, Pierre Finger?
        Why nothing, Madame Bond. I want you to have the inspiration to write another story or something. Bwaaa haaa haaa Haaa
        I want you to share it with Holly and challenge her.
        (eg You both write on the same subject. like………..===>>>)

        Actually, I want a chocolate milkshake, but those are bad for me!

        1. Something bad for you, something good for you, something Meh, for you.
        2. Something you did that was good, something you did that was bad,and something you did that was a big fat Meh!
        3. Annoying guys from Canada. The writers writing the same topic. Success….
        4. Collaboration, Creation, Celebration (TM: AVB)
        5. Making a meal for a friend. Giving a homeless man a meal. Having to eat alone…..

          • I can’t? And I had a NEW Villain Name all picked out for me! Dr. Strangelove! I invent a drug that makes everyone fall in love, and threatens the military Industrial Complex. The economy! Fewer weapons! Trump and Trudeau hugging Kim! Bond is sent to stop me. Dammm. It sure is TOUGH being a Romantic Villain, these days.

            You are SURE I cannot do both? So now I have to make a choice.

            Daaaammm! and I am Baaad at doing that!

            I know! I’ll procrastinate!

            Saturday prompts to share, share, Cher, and Sonny:

            Steffie, a PRO-Crastinator (not an amateur), and a vanilla ice cream cone.
            Pete, a pizza, and and and …. a mess.
            Holly, a pair of cowboy boots, and an HP laptop.
            Queen Elizabeth, Donald Trump, and a pot of Tea.
            (Liz must be made to look good. Don? Are you up to That challenge? The tea well, sip sip…)

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