Friday Recommends and Mah Moveh!

If I haven’t recommended The Social Networking Academy yet, I have been seriously remiss. Jo Barnes shares fantastic free information. This week, she turned me on to Animoto, where you can make a 30-second slide show for FREE, and they supply the styling and the music. So I made this:

Is that cool beans, or what? Them beans is dang near froze, that’s what!

Long-time readers know that I am all kindsa fangirl about Merrill Markoe. Not in a creepy, freakish stalker kind of way, of course. I don’t have a secret closet shrine to her or anything DON’T OPEN THAT DOOR! You can’t open that door, anyway, because it’s locked. Because there’s absolutely nothing in it. It’s an empty closet. You don’t need to see what’s in there, because it’s totally. Empty.

Anyway, I recommend you go explore and enjoy her YouTube channel. Do not be drinking coffee or another beverage while you watch, unless you just want a new keyboard.

Also, she has a new book out, COOL, CALM AND CONTENTIOUS.

The other day, I announced that I had a new story out in Alliteration Ink’s SPEC THE HALLS, a winter-holiday eBook anthology. It costs $9.99, which is more than I usually pay for an eBook, but all the proceeds go to Heifer International, which is one of my passions. For more about the anthology in general, click on the SPEC THE HALLS link above. For more on my story in particular, click here.

WRITING PROMPT: Who is your main character’s favorite writer/musician/artist/bard/flagelhooter? Why?



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