I’m participating in the Hydra Authors Blog Hop next week, but Michael G. Wallace surprised me by posting my interview on his classy blog yesterday! Read all about it: Guest Post: Marian Allen. It’s about SAGE. 🙂 Here’s a bit:

SAGE is a Taoist fairy tale, more than anything else. The ruler of a kingdom neglects her duties, which causes disorder. Her consort usurps her throne and orders her death and the death of any children she might have had hidden from him. But The Way tends to balance itself, given time and cooperation. Book 1, to be released in 2013, is about the disorder. Books 2 and 3 will be about the struggle between chaos and order, forcible control and correct leadership. (Yes, I’ve been reading the I Ching!)

Meanwhile, Mom is in the hospital with cellulitis contracted from her cat scratching her. From now on, I think he should wash his paws in alcohol whenever he comes in from outside, and also when he uses the litter box.

Yeah, good luck wit’ dat.

Pictures of the culprit and the damage tomorrow.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: What would your main character do with a cat who scratched him or her — or a loved one — with disastrous consequences?



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