Chili Spud #vegetarian

A few weeks ago, on the Fatal Foodies blog, I wrote about a chili spud I had in Indianapolis. Yesterday, on the Fatal Foodies blog, I wrote about vegetarian chili I made here at home. You can see where this is heading, can’t you?

Vegetarian Chili Spud

chili spudThat’s a baked potato split open and smothered — just smothered –in chili and cheese. Ermagerd, it was so delicious!

You know what? A lot of people think I’m a vegetarian! That’s like thinking I’m Indian because I’ll knock little children aside to get to the chicken tikka masala, or that I’m French because I would commit mayhem for one of Joanna Foreman‘s chocolate eclairs. I just find meat kind of boring, mostly, unless I save it for special or use it as one of many ingredients. Plus, veg is so good! Especially during growing season, when I can buy my veg fresh from people I know.

Well, anyway, this was good.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Someone is misjudged on the basis of a taste or a habit.


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