Crepuscular #Caturday

the queenAmidala speaking.

Munchkin and I have learned a new word. Or perhaps I should say I have learned a new word. No, we’ve both learned a new word, but I use it properly.

The word is “crepuscular“. Isn’t that a beautiful word? MaMA taught it to us. As it applies to us, she says it means that cats are most active — “if,” MaMA says, “active is the word I want” — around dawn and dusk.

Munchkin has been strutting around, saying things like, “Yeah! I’m crepuscular, Baby! Crepuscular — that’s me! Just take a look at how crepuscular I am!”

I said, “I’m crepuscular, too, you know.”

He said, “Yeah, but you’re nowhere near as crepuscular as I am!”

Then he flops down on the couch and laughs until he can hardly move.

Crepuscular MunchieHe’s just full of juice since he started taking his hyperthyroid medicine. He hasn’t put on much weight, but he has gained a little.

He’s even gotten picky about what he’ll eat, so we can put on a united front instead of his gobbling up all the nasty bits I leave. We don’t like Friskies. We like Blue Wilderness (canned, of course) and Science Diet (also canned). Mom says she’s going to have to take out a mortgage to feed us.

I think she’s exaggerating. Besides, isn’t this regal beauty worth some expense?

crepuscular AmiI think so.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: How do you tell your human what you like to eat? What is your favorite food?


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One thought on “Crepuscular #Caturday

  1. Jane

    January 3, 2015 at 9:42am

    Hello, Kitties!
    Lovely photo shoot.

    Ah, food preferences. Once they get on our wavelinks, they can boss us around like pros. Herding cats? Iffy. Herding humans? A jiff.

    I remember feeling worried when Blackjack didn’t come visit me after he passed. I’d had some cat ghosts visit (Just once each) before, and I kind of missed him. Then I finally had a dream. The first part I recall is that BJ was indicating he wanted a saucer beneath his bowls of tuna and milk. I complied. He ate his meal, opened the door, went down the sidewalk, got into his car, and drove off.

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