Another Blog Without A Hop #Caturday for @AthenaWiseKitty

Amidala speaking.

MaMA still hasn’t figured out how to join Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop! Honestly, for somebody whose blog’s second or third highest search term is “Allen the geek”, she’s awfully clueless. Endearing, but clueless.

She did manage to make a picture of me as I should look.

QueenAmiOne can almost forgive her lack of tech savvy. Well, honestly one can absolutely forgive it.

Do I sound as if I’ve mellowed toward her? It’s true. I have. I’ve fallen in kitty love with my Cat MaMA. Sometimes it happens, you know, and sometimes it doesn’t. I resisted for a long time. When I lost my Cat Daddy, I swore I would never love another human.

MaMA has been very patient with me, though, and hasn’t expected me to love her. When I’ve bitten her for taking liberties and petting me when I didn’t want to be petted, she hasn’t punished me. When I’ve talked her into buying loads of a certain food and then turned up my nose at it, she’s just tried another kind. (I secretly believe she’s mixed the kind I’ve rejected into the kind I like until the kind I’ve rejected is all gone.)

Best of all, she has special blankets she puts on the couch, so I won’t get people cooties by sitting directly on their cushions. After all, one doesn’t know where their bottoms have been, does one?

Munchkin is still pouting because of his tooth being pulled and his bath. MaMA has informed me that “he’ll just have to get glad the same way he got mad,” because he has a follow-up appointment this coming Wednesday. Oh, dear.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: What does your human do if you bite them?


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One thought on “Another Blog Without A Hop #Caturday for @AthenaWiseKitty

  1. Jane

    July 25, 2015 at 9:15am

    Wow. Your question just flashed me back to Memory City.

    What does one do when bitten by one’s cat?
    My sister (as a toddler) (You know which one, MA) simply bit the cat back!
    No blood was drawn (that I recall).

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