Amidala, Shaven and Shorn #Caturday


the queenAmidala speaking.

This past Wednesday was my Gotcha Day: The day MaMA rescued Munchkin and me from the cat-eat-cat rough-and-tumble that was Daddy Ed’s house after Daddy Ed passed away. All us cats lived there, with humans only coming in once or twice a day to tend to our needs. It was a hard life for two elderly gentlecats such as ourselves.

I wish Munchkin could have lived until our Gotcha Day, but he was simply too old and too ill. He never did tell me how old he was, but I suspect he was 18 when he passed. MaMA made something she calls a Fauxjito (rum, lime juice, and ginger ale) and lifted it in his honor.

And what did she do for me? She took me to the vet!

I’ll admit, I’d been falling down on the job of grooming myself. After Ed passed, I just lost heart. Then, when I started to feel safe and happy again, it was too late — My fur was full of thick mats that MaMA was afraid to cut out for fear she nick my skin. So she took me to the vet and had them shave me!

I am not a sausage!
I am not a sausage!

I think they took things a bit far, but I must admit they got all the mats out! I’ve managed to keep my head and paws in good shape, so I don’t look entirely like a nudiecat.

ElegantDiningMaMA calls me Kojak, but I looked him up online, and he’s bald! The only part of me that isn’t bald is my head, so I’m hardly Kojakian, am I? But that’s MaMA — so amusing. Mm-hmm.

I can’t get enough of snuggling since I came home. Charles says it’s because I’m cold and MaMA is warm. I offer this photograph in evidence to the contrary.

SnugglesIf I wanted body heat, wouldn’t I have the shaven part against MaMA, rather than the furry bits? Of course, I would!

I’m claiming my human!

SoComfyA WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: How do you or your human get mats out of your fur, assuming you have any mats? If you did have them, would you rather have them shaved, or tugged out with a comb?


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One thought on “Amidala, Shaven and Shorn #Caturday

  1. Dan

    October 31, 2015 at 8:28am

    Gotta give this round to Amidala, logic seems flawless. I love “I am not a sausage!”

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  2. Jane

    October 31, 2015 at 10:50am

    Oh My Goodness!!

    Dear baby knows how to snuggle, doesn’t she?
    Ami seems to be taking this -er- Madame Godiva thing very much in stride, doesn’t she? What a tiny trooper.

    My boy Rory was a long hair. He only got mats because I put them there. He loved the down to the skin massage I gave him. Then it turned out I’d broken up his base coat that was keeping him from getting mats. Because that’s the kind of longhair he was. No upkeep. So then I had to get all the mats off a very hair-trigger reflex predator, one at a time, without nicking the skin, AND avoiding large, weeping wounds. On me. Not him. Oh, and he also had a no-fly zone around his back (like many cats), and the maneuvers in that vicinity resembled an advanced air campaign. More like a helicopter extraction, rather.

    I sure miss him.

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  3. saramarian

    October 31, 2015 at 4:32pm

    Oh, goodness, what good snuggles! Those are Dasha-worthy snuggles!

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    • Marian Allen

      October 31, 2015 at 4:44pm

      She crawls into my lap, too, but I haven’t figured out how to get a good picture of that.

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