What To Do With Leftover Sugared Cranberries #Vegan #FunWithLeftovers

For Christmas, I made these pretty things.

The pretty things:

I can’t say I liked them all that much, but they were weirdly addictive. Still, a little goes a long way, and we had most of them left after Christmas was over, and were tired of them sitting around in the fridge.

So I dumped them into a saucepan, added an equal amount of water, and set it to a low boil. I added some salt and a little lemon juice.

In process:

I mished up all the cranberries that didn’t pop on their own. After it had cooled a little, I mixed in some orange marmalade and some chopped pecans.

Here’s the result:

It was really good, but it’s nearly gone, alas!

A WRITING PROMPT FOR YOU: Write about marmalade.


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