Tipper Needs A Shave #Caturday

Oh, I do not! Hi, there. I’m Tipper Allen, and Momma is just being silly!

I love to play in the basement. It’s a basement basement, not a finished basement, and it’s all cluttered up, with lots of great places to hide and play. It’s a basement basement, so it doesn’t get cleaned. Can I help it if I have white fur?

Momma and Poppa thought it was pretty funny when I came upstairs like this.

When Momma showed me the picture, I thought it was pretty funny, too.

But I don’t need a shave, silly Momma! ~gives Momma a nose boop~

A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: What is your favorite place to hide/play?


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One thought on “Tipper Needs A Shave #Caturday

  1. Joey

    March 4, 2017 at 7:58pm

    Haha! You know what’s fabulous about white kitties? How they look after rolling around in the freshly mowed lawn. I never took a photo, but I did threaten to put Clara in the wash with Borax 😉
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