Stinky Kitty as Chickie Sees Her #Caturday #TipperAndChickie

HELLO! My name is CHICKIE!

My brother Tipper told you last week about that stinky kitty that came to visit us. He claims I used to be a stinky kitty that he had to put up with, but I was never bad like this one.

Tipper: You were worse. You’re still worse.

I am not!!

Tipper: Who gets on the counters? Who scratches the flowerdy chair?

Besides you?

Tipper: Hrm. Hrmph. Who does it MOSTLY?

Okay, but you told your story, and now it’s my turn.

SO, ANYWAY, stinky Juniper came to visit, and she made a magic spell over Tipper and Mommy and Poppy so they would think everything she did was sooooo cuuuuute.

When she ate, she put all her paws in her food and then tracked it all over the kitchen floor!

After she snuggled with Mommy, she snuggled with my Poppy!!

Then she got on the chair behind his head. That’s MY place!!

I didn’t like it, not one little bit!

Mommy told me about Ceiling Cat, that she heard about on I Can Haz Cheezburger.

So I asked Ceiling Cat to please make the stinky kitty go away.

And her hooman came and took her away!

Then Poppy opened a can of kippers and giveded me some juice. And I was like:


But it’s been a week, and the stinky kitty hasn’t come back, so Poppy and Mommy and Tipper and my own self are friends again.

What a stinky kitty!

A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: What do you do if a stranger animal comes to visit?


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One thought on “Stinky Kitty as Chickie Sees Her #Caturday #TipperAndChickie

  1. acflory

    June 16, 2019 at 6:33am

    Don’t worry, Chickie. It’s just because the stinky kitty is so small, with huuuge eyes and looks so helpless. Humans have this thing about babies of all sorts. The good thing is, the babies grow up and then they become handsome and pretty rather than cute. Your place in the family is safe. 😀

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    • Marian Allen

      June 16, 2019 at 8:14am

      Charlie saw Juniper yesterday, and he said she’s getting leggy, so the adooooooorable stage has passed. Chickie appreciates your support. 😉

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      • acflory

        June 17, 2019 at 6:44am

        These days I avert my eyes from the cuuuute stage, least ways in real life. I am in danger of turning into the mad cat lady of Warrandyte so I’m truly grateful when they grow! -hugs to Chickie-

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