Best Fusser Ever #1LinerWeds

Every so often, my grandfather did get cross and disapproving, which made it a most effective deterrent to bad behavior.

But most often, his “fussing” was a gentle scorn for anything negative you might say about yourself.

So the other day I roasted some almonds how I do and shared them with #4 Daughter, the amazing Sara Marian. I said, “I made them too salty this time.”

And Grandpa came out of her mouth and said,

No such thing!

Now, it’s possible she simply meant there’s no such thing as “too salty,” but she said it in exactly the tone and with exactly the emphasis Grandpa would have used to mean, “You did a good job, and don’t try to tell yourself differently.”

I always love having my beloved departed visit. Thanks, Grandpa! I love you, too! And thanks to Sara for her part in the visit. That made it even better. HUGS

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