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The International Institute for Environment and Development posted a great article in November of last year. It was called A green recovery from COVID-19? Not without climate, nature and development solutions, and was by these writers:

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Blog byEbony Hollandand Karen Wong Pérez

26 November 2020 @Ebony_Holland

Ebony Holland is senior researcher in IIED’s Natural Resources and Climate Change research groups;  Karen Wong Pérez is senior researcher in IIED’s Climate Change research group

Among other things, the article says:

The world is already dealing with multiple intertwined crises – climate change, unprecedented biodiversity loss and rising inequalities. Poor and vulnerable communities are disproportionately affected by the impacts from these crises – with the added injustice that few have contributed to them directly.

I love this graphic:

An illustration with a speech bubble: "We're dealing with multiple intertwined crises"  with scales and illustrations depicting climate change, COVID-19, rising inequalities and biodiversity loss
The crises facing the planet are interconnected (Illustration: Jorge Martin/IIED)

The article presents two “prominent options,” both of which can and should be taken:

  • Link climate and nature
  • Support communities to design and lead their own recovery

The first sounds redundant, but, as the article explains, “Indeed, [lack of] biodiversity presents as serious a risk to humanity as climate change.”

Vulnerable communities know better than anyone what their struggles are and what changes they would like to make.

I highly recommend the article, and I’ll be checking on in the future.

If Mama ain’t happy….

A WRITING PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU: Write about a plan with two parts.



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