Sweetie Pie Loses Patience #Caturday

Sweetie PieSweetie Pie here, again.

I’m so mad, I could chew iron and spit nails! Mom is NOT going to come home when I thought she would!

MomGoth came in yesterday and told me Mom would have to stay at the getting-stronger place for at least 10 more days!

I didn’t like that one bit. Not one little bitty tiny bit.

spNoNoNoNo, I said. No! No! No!

loses patienceI’m not speaking to you, MomGoth! You said she was coming home SOON!

So she explained to me that Mom has been having blood pressure problems and that she needs to stay where she is until that gets cleared up. MomGoth is really mad, too. She worries about Mom as much as I do.

I had an idea.

spIBiteI’ll go BITE somebody! Then they’ll let her come home! MomGoth said Mom might get in trouble if I bite somebody. She says SHE’LL bite somebody if things don’t turn around real fast. She looked like she would, too, so maybe she will.

A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: Write about rescuing your human.


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