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HELLO! My name is CHICKIE! I get to write Mommy’s story this week for Story A Day May.

Mommy has been watching a show with lots of bangs and booms and soft, mean-sounding talk in it, and I decided to write my story this week like I was in Mommy’s show, because she doesn’t pay enough attention to me while she’s watching it.

Breaking Cat

One day, a really super-good and beautiful cat named Featherbaby was working in her office, when a bad cat named Clementine came in.

“I want you to do something bad for me,” Clementine hissed.

“I would never do anything bad,” Featherbaby said. “I am a good and perfect cat. I never do anything wrong.”

Clementine walked around the office, looking at Featherbaby’s gombuter, her claw polish, her funny card collection, her beads, and her chef’s hat.

“Nice little office you got here,” Clementine said. “Be a shame for anything … bad to happen to a nice office like this.”

Featherbaby was scared.

Clementine said, “Now. All I want you to do is type something for me. I know you know how to type, because I can see pawmarks all over that gombuter keyboard.”

“I know how to type,” Featherbaby said.

Just then, Featherbaby’s brother office assistant came in.

Featherbaby looked at her office assistant in this really smart way she has that tells what she thinks and said, “Your uncle called. Better call him back.”

Featherbaby’s office assistant said, “What uncle?”

“Your Uncle Mike.” She flicked an ear toward Clementine, and winked.

“Oh, yeah, okay.”

The office assistant left.

Clementine started dictating and Featherbaby started typing. It was some kind of bad thing that made the hairs stand up on Featherbaby’s tail.

Before she finished, Mike came in and took Clementine away.

“You’re not going to hurt Clementine, are you?” said Featherbaby. “I just don’t want her to try to make me do bad things anymore.”

“I’m not going to hurt her,” Mike said. “We’re just going to Belize, where she can have some fun. Barrels of fun.”

“Okay, good,” said Featherbaby. She pushed a magic key on the gombuter and erased everything Clementine had dictated. “I have never done a bad thing, and I don’t plan to start now.”


A WRITING PROMPT FOR ANIMALS: Did you ever do something bad? Did your hooman forgive you?


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