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I’ve said it repeatedly, but I love finding other people who say it much better than I do.

My treasured discovery this week is Red, Green, and Blue: Red State Voices and Blue State Voices coming together for GREEN. How awesome is that? Way, that’s how!

I particularly recommend the article “Taking on environmental racism: A discussion with Tina Johnson of the National Black Environmental Justice Network”.

Among other things, the article says:

Johnson expressed the importance of working closely with communities that are most on the frontlines of climate change and facing the harshest realities of systemic racism. “We really are focused on the grassroots, but we also reinforce and undergird work with research and analysis that can really look at the problems we’re facing with an equity lens to inform the policies that address health, environmental, economic, and social justice challenges,” she said.

She hopes that through encouraging broader awareness within the Black community and connecting the dots between pollution and poor health, we can restructure historically discriminatory policies and implement new practices that promote an equitable and just society for everyone.

Elise Koepke
Citizens’ Climate Lobby

While I was browsing, I wondered what Greta Thunberg is up to these days. Apart from being considered for the Nobel Peace Prize, ABC News tells me she’s back leading Fridays For Future climate crisis protests — masked and socially distanced, of course.

Thank you, Greta!

A WRITING PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU: Write about three connected things.



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