Monday Recommends and Nails: Handy

I’ve become obsessed with color palettes, otherwise known as “colors that look good together even though they don’t necessarily match”. So I downloaded Color Grab for Android. Yes, I have an Android phone. Because I did have an iPhone and I hated it with the heat of 10,000 suns.

ANYWAY, I’m sure they have something similar for iPhone.

Color Grab helps you put together color palettes in oh, so many ways! You can point the app’s camera at the world around you, or maybe an outfit you plan to wear, and pick colors to fit together. You can import a photo from your phone (or, I guess, online) and pick up colors from it. Or you can go into a palette construction screen and pick one color, then have the app generate palettes based on chosen parameters.

You can save the palette to your phone and pull it up to choose your polish (or whatever) colors. Here’s one I composed. I forgot to note the photograph or scene I used to generate it.

green, yellow/brown/orange, red, brown, bright orange

And I did these nails, because I go to my hand doctor on Tuesday for a follow-up on my palmar cystectomy.

All nails but the accent nail are brown. Bird finger is brown with green moss and a red drop of blood. Accent nail is orange lines stamped over orange base and a bloody hand print.

Yeah, I’m milking them two broken wrists for all they’re worth.




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