I Love #Nails and #ButtDrugs!

Don’t get excited: Butt Drugs is a pharmacy here in Corydon, Indiana. It’s small, but super efficient and customer-centric. I did a Thursday Doors post featuring it a while back.

ANYWAY, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you get a coupon for a free product every month. Sometimes it’s hand lotion, sometimes it’s lip balm. This month, it was a whole bag of stuff! The over-21 option had booze in it!

Yes, I did. I felt every piece of it, too. But YUM!

The bag also included barbecue potato chips (my favorite!), a piece of Christmas-tree-shaped candy, and this ornament, which I know some people envy:

If you haven’t seen the commercial Link and Rhett made for Butt Drugs, I hereby present it to you for your viewing pleasure.

And here are my nails this week. Those aren’t stickers; that’s reverse stamping. I picked up that holly sprig in black, and used a dotting tool (a toothpick would work, too) to dab red and green polish inside the outline on the stamper. Then I put Orly Bonder on the nails I was stamping and pressed the colored stamp on. Easy-peasy, even for a klutz like me!

Maniology’s Bundle Monster + de-briz BM-XL215

A WRITING PROMPT FROM ME TO YOU: Write about a surprise gift.



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